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22 relatable memes that portray diverse human emotions, the hilarious way

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

22 relatable memes that portray diverse human emotions, the hilarious way: because alongside the vaccine, we all deserve a ‘small dose of happiness and realization’ to sail through the rough time.

However anybody denies it, there are certain emotions every person on our planet experiences. There is of course a trick of words to mask undesirable feelings by saying that what sounds right, but come on, who are we kidding?

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For instance, ‘I am so happy for you’ might mean a secret ‘get out of my sight. I’m burning in jealousy’ or ‘I’m happy being single’ might imply ‘I am desperate for love, and lonely than ever. Please settle me with someone.’

Hence, here is a list of memes that if you look carefully, will expose you to the bitter truths of life without making it so obvious, and of course, make you laugh at the same time.

I wonder if the person sharing this meme would be desperate and single. May he/she get what he/she deserves!


This meme hilariously exposes that we all could be jealous of someone at some point in our lives – especially when that "someone" is a friend. While there is no harm in feeling jealousy, it is a natural emotion, after all, what matters is how long you let the jealousy sustain within you.


People love labeling themselves ‘love gurus’ or ‘relationship experts’, even if they are themselves on the verge of a horrid breakup, don’t you think? 😛


Innocent folks, this one’s for you… don’t worry, you will learn about life soon! We have the whole world to teach you lessons.


Hungry or not, many of us drag ourselves into this trap, especially when there is beauty on our plate.

Btw, why is the guy eating dosa in the name of pizza?🧐


This is a sad reality for both Netflix and the person who purchases the subscription. Can’t help. 👻


Those good old days! Will they ever return?


No comments here 💔


No comments, again 💔


Well sometimes, what’s easy is what’s right. Isn’t it?


This is not just money-minded people, this is many of us.😁


Adult or a child wrapped up in an adult’s body? What are you?

PS: I’m the latter one. 👻


Betrayal explained in a few words and a picture of course.


On a serious note: Finding someone of your vibe is thrilling, but the contrary might make you feel lonely. Is this meme any kind of a signal? Watch it, guys 👀


Kaka, Kaki, Mama, Mami, Mavshi, Dada, Didi, Jiju…… this list is never-ending, I repeat, ‘never-ending!’


This reminds me of Stan Lee and his comic ‘Spider-man’ that quoted, ‘With great power, comes great responsibility.’

PS: Good luck with your social service! 😁




Social Media is no less than a mohmaaya if you don’t get it right. Think.


This is the sad reality and a bitter truth! What if you put the same or even some efforts into something you want to build for yourself?


Jokes aside: A relationship comes with expectations (although minimal). It would be great if both the people involved have a keen ear and a mouth that openly expresses. There is no other way this can work.

PS: Now who’s being the love guru here… Sorry and Thanks 😛🙈


Last but not least: It’s a hard time now. So, if anybody asks you for this, and you know something relevant, please help! You might end up changing somebody’s life. And also, this counts as kindness among the others.

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Note: All the mentioned memes are collected from the internet. It's difficult to trace the correct source of memes without a watermark. Please tell me in the comments if you know a valid source of such memes. Thank you.


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