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Hello, Friend! Welcome To My Blog.

My name is Pooja Kakde. I am an author, blogger, content writer, teacher & an avid reader. I’ve got my master’s degree in Information Technology. Still, I did not allow that piece of paper (my graduation certificate, of course) to decide my future — like literally!

I’ve explored and endured diverse fields of work, which ultimately made me carve a unique path for myself — the prominent part of which is WRITING. 


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My Story

When I discovered that reading is such fun, I could not keep the joy it beholds to me. I felt this sudden urge to share what I read with everyone. Hence, I started my blog - The Book Report (the previous version of this website), where I began posting about book summaries. I am thankful for all your lovely responses to it. 

Along the line, I thought of a concept very dear to me i.e Life of a Slice. What I intend with Life of a Slice is to put a limelight on as many short-lived instances that put life to life.

I also wish to craft countless stories and put them up on this blog.

As you can see, ideas began to build up and I decided to organize all my stuff and bring it forth. This website/blog is set up for the said purpose.

I believe in writing about what matters to me. Everything occupying space on this blog is a reflection of me in bits and pieces. 


With my blog on set, I hope to connect with as many people who share a similar interest in exploring the perks of words put together with a thought. 

Read on and enjoy.

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