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Random : Journey to Confidence.

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

PC: Canva

Growing up, I had different notions of the term 'Confidence.' For that matter, I understood about Confidence way later in my life.

So being an introvert, I had felt Confidence lies in being an extrovert. Some of the essential points to ponder upon were -

o Be smart and outgoing.

o Get into the groove.

o Most importantly, don't shy.

The more times I had surrendered to this belief, I turned awkward. I turned stranger to what I was— my inner self.

Later, I believed, Confidence is Grace. Or to be precise, pulling off whatever comes in your way with grace. I have observed people, both virtually and in reality, who leave an impact wherever they go, who come out as appealing, likable. They know the right things to speak, and the right things to do. They at some point leave the opposite person in their admiration. Even a stupid gesture of theirs feels right. Because, how pleasant do they look to the eyes. When I surrendered to this assumption, I felt nothing but pressure.

Also, I considered, Confidence could be a catalyst for likeability. On this, I introspected, how many people like me?

Years passed, and I realized it does not matter. For the fact, there will always be people who like me for the way I am, and that is enough for me.

Then what has to be the true meaning of Confidence?

At present, I believe that Confidence is to bring into reality that particular thing you actually wish for. You will not resist, even when your fears hold you back. You will do whatever you want— whether awkwardly or with fear, or with embarrassment, or slowly, or whatever. You will sooner or later, hit the ground running.

I’ll tell you an instance.

I am not a party person. I almost never dance in public. But a few months ago, at a function, when there was an opportunity for me to dance, I stopped and thought to myself, do I really need to do this? Or am I manipulating myself, because I am afraid of not coming out as a cool person?

I wanted to dance, so badly. I got on the floor, did some awkward movements, copied steps from the crowd, faked some expressions (of being effortless), was constantly scared of being judged, but at the end of the process, I felt happy. I did it. That was an achievement.

The conclusion is the only act of getting things done what you really wish for is Confidence. And it has nothing to do with the by-product. Confidence is point-blank.

Maybe or maybe not, this notion of mine will change with time. It's uncertain. It's solely based on experience. But right now I'm sticking to it.

Here is my blog. Personal blogging is what I've wanted to do ever since. I was slightly perplexed when I started writing this piece, but now as I reach the end of it, I feel complete.

Confidence may or may not induce likeability but it surely brings joy to the self.



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