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A Romantic Playlist For The Perfect Rainy Weather

Updated: May 27, 2022

Fetch your headphones or speaker and tune into this romantic Marathi song playlist that compliments the oh-so-perfect weather!

Hello Pluviophiles ( n. A lover of rain), the Baarish ka Mausam is here and we are already mesmerized by the weather: there is bountiful greenery, birds with colorful feathers are out and in your sight. We see colors, lots of them.

No wonder, we are craving deep-fried pakoras and a steaming cup of our favorite beverage. But there is also another element that is MUST for the season. Any guesses? We are talking about a perfect romantic playlist.

Here, we have the best romantic Marathi songs that will satisfy your excitement and make you happy as larry.

1. "Bhijun Gela Wara" from Irada Pakka

A perfect melody to the ears, this song will make you want to dance in the rain at a distant hill station with your better half.

2. "Ka Saang Na Song" from Happy Journey

What did your first outing with your love feel like? This song will speak to you! Whatever your experience was, I am sure it has made a permanent place in your memory.

3. "Prem He Title Song" from Prem He

There are some love moments that are irreplaceable. Love at first sight, hugging for the first time, or even holding hands, looking into each other's eyes, and seeing nothing else. This song brings out the naivety and the magic of love through melodious composition and snippets of wonderful moments.

4. "Rang Hey Nave Nave" from Coffee Ani Barach Kahi

It all starts with a cup of coffee. But this song gently portrays the hustle before asking out. From wanting to bump into each other, stealing glances, and leaving no stone unturned to give a green signal, this song says it all.

5. "Olya Sanjveli" from Premachi Goshta

A song that portrays the shy, and innocent side of falling in love. When words fail to express your feelings for someone, this is definitely a beautiful song to send. Just listening to this with your eyes closed will make you feel peaceful from within.

6. "Swapna Chalun Aaley" from Classmates

A beautiful Marathi love song that will transport you back to your college years and make you nostalgic for secret hugs in the nooks of campus, exploring street food, and travelling to places with your crush, with an innate desire to discover them. Isn't the beginning always special?

7. "Adhir Man Zale" from Nilkanth Master

With Shreya Ghoshal's soothing voice and a powerful score by Ajay Atul, this song is about a woman who is in love and pursuing it with joy. The music, the backdrop, and even the lyrics make it one of the perfect songs about the rain.

8. "Tu Hi Re Maza Mitwa" from Mitwaa

Composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, this romantic title track is not only the perfect fit for rain but also a great way to express your love. No wonder it is on the list of top Marathi romantic songs.

9. "Roj Roj Navyane" from Deva

While writing her book, a woman falls in love with a character. Her idea of meeting him mesmerises her. The concept is lovely, and so is this song.

10. "Saavar Re Mana" from Mitwaa

The opening tone of this song captivates the listener's attention right away. The music makes you feel as if you are diving into an ocean of love, unbalanced and finding comfort in your suffering. It's one of my favourite songs.

Which of these songs are you listening to first? Tell me in the comments.

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