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R: Your Career, Your Right.

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

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What bothers me and I guess many people around?

The field of study you graduate from “has to be” or better, “must be” your career. If you are a medical graduate: you ought to be a doctor. If you have studied law: you are bound to be a lawyer. So on and so forth. To people having such a restricted mindset, I wonder how I could pierce your brain and hopefully flash inside light of enlightenment. Hence, I am writing this post.

People as such — whose outlook towards life is narrow, who can't understand the various possibilities humans can showcase — who love pulling dreamers down and watch them fail — who are insecure because they aren't capable to build their life as per their will — who made a career out of their field of graduation and are self-obsessed, self-praising — who think they know everything and everyone — will talk to you with such confidence as if they have built a rocket and shot it up in the air.

They are also, more likely to stare at you with pitiful eyes that scream, “What a disappointment you have brought to your parents … they worked so hard to pay your education fees. Is this how you repay their efforts? Shame shame.”

When I come across such people and their typical dialogue — “Padhai kis field me kiya hai? Kaam kya rahi hai?”, more than getting irritated, I find them funny. I am only short of asking them, “Was that a joke? Wow. You made a joke. You are really, hilarious.”

Such groups of people also happen to constantly nudge you towards “settling down.” One should ask them their definition of being settled, might give them a clearer picture.

Why this happens even today?

There has always been a structure our society abides by. And with that habit being formed, people (not all) forget figuring out and carving a different path, repeatedly if needed, till they reach their “right” thing.

The trend is you go hand in hand with society, you are looked upon as a gem. You dare go off the track, and you are a loser in the same people's eyes. Crap.

What needs to be understood?

First things first, everyone has a life and a choice. Second, people should stop discouraging others as if they have the authority to do so. Parents might be given some relaxation here because they might be genuinely concerned. You can always try to make them understand if you want. For the remaining people, just don’t give a fuck.

If you are told or made feel that you are a loser/discouraged to break the stereotypes,

  • Stay away from narrow-minded people who are responsible for it.

  • Realize in life, as early as possible, that people are always ready to give unasked advice. You choose whether to sink in it or shred it.

  • Choose for yourself.

The world will be a better place if people start choosing careers based on what they love (of course if they are not harming anyone) and it does not matter if one hops on multiple careers, until one is happy. On that note, happiness is an underrated and misunderstood concept I think.

We need to understand as a society that only when someone loves what they do, they will work out of their heart, they will create power through their work, and that will be visible and eventually make a positive contribution to us, the people.

In a nutshell:

Be open. Or at least try to. Or if not, don’t discourage anyone. This little change can go a long way. Thank you.

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