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Want To Impress A Book Lover? Here's What They Love

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Here's a complete list of things bibliophiles love. Read this post till the end, and you'll be all set ready to impress a literature lover.

#1 They're reading, and they read about reading

The best part of the book: A reading list or a writer’s reference. In case they haven’t heard about the mentioned author, they’ll grow curious, search him/her/them online, get the list of their literature work, and will be ready for book purchase.

Picture from the book 'Matilda'

For the book list, they are as excited; they want to run to a bookstore and grab every mentioned book, ASAP! They even imagine ourselves reading the book before they get their hands on it.

#2 Fancy bookmarks: By bookmarks, we don’t mean used tickets, dog ears, a joker playing card and other tasteless things. An attractive bookmark is MUST for a great reading experience.

#3 Despite the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” a lovely book cover design is irresistible.

#4 A Sensuous Treat: For a bibliophile, sniffing the sweet scent of a book, hearing a soft little pop when flipping a page, and a wonderful quality of paper is the means of relaxation.

#5 Hardcover without dust jacket > Hardcover with dust jacket

Because, they can’t afford to damage a book jacket and honestly, it’s annoying to manage it while wanting to read effortlessly.

#6 They only love the “idea” of cleaning a bookshelf: But, when they get into the task, they go through three stages:

  1. I love cleaning my shelf. I should often do this.

  2. My body is aching—there are so many books!

  3. I’m bored—I need to take a nap.

PS: If they have a tiny bookshelf, they'll be fine.

#7 When there’s no prediction as to what happens next: A booklover enjoys getting submerged in a plot that keeps him/her on his/her toes.

#8 A feeling of victory: They only get that feeling when they finish reading a book.

#9 What to read next? When it's time to pick a new book, choosing books = an exciting adventure.

#10 Shopping Books: A booklover will never be tired of this kind of shopping.

#11 Illustrated books: Books with pictures/illustrations are way more interesting.

#12 The perfect font size: Not too small, not too big. Even a good font style counts.

#13 Reading in a quiet park when the weather is perfect, and the sight is just beautiful

#14 Reading in the sound of rain: A melody to ears + A treat to the brain🧡

#15 When they learn something new from the novel: be it terms, communities, subjects, etc.

#16 Books that are relatable: that feeling as if the author is dictating your life.

#17 A nicely arranged bookshelf: the bigger, the better.

#18 A stimulating book conversation: Talk about books, characters, plot, alternate endings, etc. and there is a high chance they will befriend you.

#19 Having someone who shares a similar reading taste to them

#20 Books for Sale: It’s a moment of joy when they find a great book deal.

#21 A library near their house: A forever supply of great books. Now that's what they call 'A Dream Come True.'

#22 Bookstores that allow them to stay at their place for hours and read: 'Crossword Bookstores' is many readers all time favorite, for this very reason.

#23 An Instagram page that posts quotes from books: Whether it be love quotes, motivational quotes, life quotes, friendship quotes, etc. quotes written by authors have a different vibe. #quoteoftheday #love

#24 That moment when someone asks them, “Can you suggest to me some good novels to read?”

#25 Watching a movie (if they wish to) after reading the book and then boasting about how good the book was: Books > Movies

BTW, Harry Potter movies are great, but have you checked the books?

Psst... Harry potter illustrated books are even better.

#26 Showing off books but not wanting to lend them: Their books are their prized possession. If they agree to lend a book to you, you must be special to them, no doubt.

#27 Small book clubs where they can participate whole-heartedly: Communication has to be from both sides, no?

#readingwithpooja is a small book-club with ten members. If you want to be a part of our group or learn more about the club, check this out.

#28 Free books: Be it a gift, prize, giveaway, or a book found somewhere that belongs to none, a free book is always special.



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