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#shorts: At The Age Of 21.

Long skirt, crop top, mom jeans, backless top. Every time I go outside, I’m reminded of how little and insignificant I am in this world. When I look at other people my age, I see all joys, smiles, laughs, and kisses. They go to parties like there’s no tomorrow. They kiss strangers like they’ve known them for a lifetime. They make jokes as they’ve never been insecure. They walk as they’ve never been haunted.

And in my life, I’ve only ever experienced the joy from seeing my desk clean, my bed made up, my zero load laundry basket, being able to wake up early and be productive.

On some days you question what it means to be normal. Is the girl with many friends and a seemingly happy life on Instagram normal, or is it the girl that simply treads on life with little contact with anyone other than herself? Are we normal because we’re human or are we normal because we’re insignificant?

Our heads may be full of so many questions that are hard to answer. We spend too much time thinking about what life would be for us or how others seem to have their lives all figured out.

The worries take up too much space in our minds, creeping into our thoughts whenever they want — when we make our coffee, before we go to sleep, when we eat, when scrolling through social media, or even as we’re humanly defecating. And it speaks so much of how we’re lost.

But what we fail to realize is that at 21, we’re meant to be lost.

We’re meant to be lost so we can find our most authentic selves. We are meant to worry so we can figure out what is really important in life. We’re meant to get angry so we’ll know what we deserve.

So every time you feel something undesirable, know that it is preparing you for something greater.

Thoughts by @busystrange

@busystrange is from the Philippines. I met her online. She's so kind to share her writing with us. It's been a pleasure.

Featured in #shortsdaily.

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