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#shorts: A Love Letter For My Sunshine (Included: An Activity For You).

If you had to write a love letter to anybody, how would it look?

I wrote this for someone, and I willingly share it with you.

My Sunshine,

I met you last night after more than a month, and you gave me a bright red rose. At that moment, I felt so grateful and loved that I could not put it into words. I will keep this rose for as long as I can. Thank you! I am deeply touched.

Since you gave me such a thoughtful gift, I want to tell you something. You have already heard this, but that will not stop me from saying this again and again and again. I hope you will bear with me.

First of all, I want to tell you what a wonderful soul you are. You are what I believe to be true beauty. You're kind and gentle, warm and safe, smart and humble, open-minded and thoughtful. Your confidence and sharpness shine through, but you stay true to your roots.

The things you've taught me are priceless. Still, I look forward to learning a lot more from you. In my joy, my sorrow, my mundanity, and pretty much every other passing moment, I think of you. Surely this is no exaggeration, but a striking truth.

It gives me great pride to own this rose, your rose, as a treasure that no one else could ever possess. At times, I'll pull it out of my book and stare at it for a long, long time, and I'll think about you, the moments we shared, the memories we created, and the ones we'll make together.

With you, I can see how beautiful life is, how delightful little things are, and how much I long for you. This feeling of high that I experience in your presence, I've never encountered before, nor will I ever again. I am the best version of myself because you exist—you are so integral in my life.

Once again, I thank you for the rose and for sharing such a valuable relationship with me. You've made my life more meaningful. As I'm reaching the end of this expression, and if you're reading this, you need to know: 'In my eyes, you're a gem, precious and dazzling.'

Much Love,


Write your deepest emotions, express your secret desires, tell how important someone is for you. It can be anybody—your lover, friend, parent, dog, work—the possibilities are endless!

If you are comfortable, send it to them or even share it with me, in the comments or as a private message. I value your emotions. Just write what you feel.

See you tomorrow. Bye.


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