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Case Five: I did not marry him because...

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Life of a Slice - PDA Files.

PC: Vitaliy Lyubezhanin / Unsplash

He first saw me in a friend’s marriage and claimed that he was in love with me already. I don’t know whether I liked him but he had thrown at me all those sweet words and quotes and whatnot that made me stick to him. He was an average looking, 28-year-old man from a well-off family. I met him once, twice, and the third time. He clearly stated to me, right from the start that he will only marry me. I enjoyed his attention and his company was not that boring. I allowed myself to go with the flow and give this some time and I was hoping this will end on a good note. The third time that we met we had our private moment in his house. He kissed me and touched me and a little bit of all that. I was still not sure if I liked him but I did not resist him when he came close to me. I took it as a new experience. I did not enjoy his touch nor had any ideal, lovey-dovey feelings that I was supposed to have. Bluntly speaking, I got bored in minutes. But I did not tell him, I thought I might hurt his sentiments. After all, he was expressing his love. He said he loves me. I was being nice to him, maybe. Or I was confused. Or I was going with the flow thinking that eventually we will be married, what difference does it make?

When we left his house, I held his hand. I wanted to feel comfortable or accepted or supported or wanted to be a proud company, maybe. He pulled his hand from mine in a sudden jerk and snorted at me. He was kidding, of course. I held his hand again and pretended I was angry. I was just trying to be dramatic. I think, after the intimacy which did not happen with my heart, I wanted attention from him in compensation, that’s why the drama. ‘Stop being a child,’ he yelled at me as if no one is watching us. We were in the middle of the street. I coyly lowered my eyes and we walked ahead in awkward silence. When the station came, he winked at me and grinned. He said, ‘We will meet soon.’ I left without looking back at him. I went home and texted him in anxiety.

Me: Why did you shout on me in the middle of the road?

He: Hey, you reached home?

Me: Yes.

He: Cool. I had a fun time today.

Me: Nice.

He: Yes, absolutely. You are such a beautiful person. I can’t wait to see you again. 😜😜

Me: Can you please tell me, why did you shout on me on when I held your hand? Please.

He: What else did you expect from me? Getting intimate in front of everyone?

Me: Meaning?

He: Look, I am sorry to say this but you acted a bit over smart maybe. You did not ask for my consent before holding hands, that too in public. I did not like it.

Me: Why you did not like it?

He: Come on. I have a certain image in the society. People look at me with a certain respect. How can I allow you to ruin it?’

I kept on staring at my phone screen for a while. What he said was out of my understanding.

He: You there?

He: Hello?

I blocked his number. I was sure; I could not invest more time in him. That tiny moment of failed PDA opened my eyes. It made me understand in a snap, that this was not the guy with whom I can be happy in the long run. I still asked for an explanation later, hoping that I was not overreacting. But the text conversation I had with him made it all clear in my head. I did not marry him or spend time with him further because he was an idiot.

Written by Pooja Kakde

The above was the last case of the five-episode series of the PDA Files. Hope you like it or are enlightened by it in some way. If you think, this piece of writing can help change someone's perspective or influence someone to be open to the world and people, please share this series with them. Thank you for reading.

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