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Case Two : A Dark Evening at Bandstand.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Life of a Slice - PDA Files.

Disclaimer - This post contains adult content. Read this only if you are 18+.

📷 : Canva

I'll start with the backdrop. It was drizzling that evening. The weather was cold and dark. We reached Bandstand and plunged straight into a romantic mood.

We were scurrying through the rocks, moving towards the sea. More than him, I was eager to find a perfect spot, where we will be out of anybody's sight. Couples were scattered at the potential corners and it was difficult to find a place.

I was shaking, brimming with excitement as we moved. I could have tripped over the rocks easily - the land was slippery and wet, but he held me by my arms, at the right instant.

Failing in our search and having no choice in hand, we went ahead and stood on a rock, adjacent to a couple. They were a pair of an uncle - aunty who were making out and as soon as they saw us, they vanished elsewhere.

I quickly took a plastic bag from my purse and laid it on the wet rock. We squeezed our butts, adjusting ourselves on that rock.

And then, without sparing a moment, he pushed his hand in my hair and kissed me slowly on the lips. And I kissed him back in a fierce manner. He grabbed my arms and dragged me closer to him. He began rubbing me on my arm, gently and passionately. I got aroused. I saw around if anyone was noticing us. There was no one and besides, it was dark.

We carried on with the kissing. He took his tongue out and licked me at the tip of my nose. I had goosebumps. The warmth in his breath and the magic of his touch made me feel tingly inside my pants. We were making out and I was subsequently getting wet.

I paused and looked around again, in case, if anyone would be looking at us then, but there was no one. The couples around us were in their own moment.

Next, I took his hand and guided him towards my waist. He crawled his fingers up to my bra and inside it. He touched on my left breast and tickled my nipple with his fingers. He began squeezing my breast, slow at first and gradually pacing up. I could feel against his skin, my nipples had straightened up. I kept on kissing him and as I was soaring high in the mood, I was literally moaning.

I was dripping wet at that moment. If it wasn't a public place, I would have wanted him right inside me. I thought, maybe I could try some compensation instead. I thought of looking around once again, just for a quick check and then maybe I'll ask him to put his hand under my panty.

The moment I opened my eyes, I flinched back in horror. There was a man, standing like a stone, right beside us, and staring at us with a twinkle in his eyes. He was wearing a decent outfit - an untucked shirt and trouser. His face was expressionless. He did not move at all.

I gasped. I got anxious and shook my partner to bring him to his senses. He turned back to see him and I buried my head in his chest, unable to bear his sight.

He could be a cop. Or someone who will complain against us to the police. We could be sued.

I was deaf to whatever happened next. My eyes were shut. I was thinking of the consequences that I have to face if this matter goes viral in my family. I gasped, imagining the horrid faces my parents would make at me. I was afraid if they will lock me in the house or maybe get me married right away. I was sure though, my partner will be by my side if anything nasty happens.

Was I regretting making love in public, I wasn't sure.

And then, a while later, my partner tapped me on my shoulder and said, 'He is gone. No need to worry now.'

I looked up, with furrowed, brows. He was gone indeed. I sighed.

'Why did you get so frightened? He was just a beggar.' said my partner, patting lightly on my head.

I looked at him in disbelief. 'Was he a beggar, really? He did not seem one. Why was he staring at us like that?' I stuttered.

'He needed money. These beggars, they know that couples won't mind lending them a ten or even a twenty rupee note to get rid of them at such times. They are well aware of the purpose couples come here for. They take this as an advantage. That's all. He was just waiting here for us to notice him.'

I sighed.

I could not forget that man and his stare for a considerable time later. He didn't look like a beggar to me. I don't know, he seemed strange.

My partner hugged me and asked me if we should go somewhere else if I am not feeling comfortable. He didn't give up on me until he was sure if I was alright.

I rested my head on his shoulder and he put his arm around me. We sat like that, watching the sea as the evening descended. And then, we looked at each other and kissed.

Written by Pooja Kakde.

Note : The couple's identity is hidden, as a matter of their choice.

The third episode of the series releases on 21 August.

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