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What if I was never born?

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

What if I was never born and had stayed into that dark place where I'd have never seen the light that brought a ray of hope in me through a rift, a hope to come alive.

What if I was never born and had not led myself into this state of loneliness which keeps me eating from inside with a desire that every part of me shatters and never realize they ever existed.

What if I was never born and had not seen all the people fighting for their religion, for their country they don't even belong to.

What if I was never born and had no opportunity to understand myself every time a little more instead just live as a senseless being.

What if I was never born and had not to blame myself every time I fail to express things I feel inside, the thoughts I don't want to hide.

What if I was never born and had no reasons to tolerate the silence that's inside my head that wants to scream out loud but just stays in there isolating me from the outer world.

l hope I was never born with all these inefficiencies, with a heart that understands others more than it understands me.

But now since I am alive, I will never give up on rising again and again and live on my path to the place where I belong.

- Siddhesh Khedekar

Siddhesh Khedekar is the founder of SidMakesFood, co-founder of Rock Factor India and Rock Factor Events, a musician, a video editor, creative designer, writer and an amazing human being.

Thank you Siddhesh for being my first guest and sharing your work with us. Lots of love. :)

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