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The Love Language

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Life of a Slice | Pooja Kakde

'I stole glances at her and noticed her cheek suffusing with a light shade of pink and a gentle smile covering her lips.'

Amey N., 28, an IT professional, shares an instance from his college years that left a mark on his heart forever. Experience his slice through - 'The Love Language.'🤍 #livetheslice

Picture by: Desipris George / Pexels

It was the month of June. I was in the first year of graduation and was on my way to college to attend morning lectures. I stepped out of the train at Matunga Railway station. It was dark and cloudy and there was a cool breeze flowing, making its way through the busy platform where there were people en route to their respective destinations. Among these bunch, I spotted a girl to my right. She was so pretty, that she took all my attention.

She was walking slightly ahead of me. I could not take my eyes off her and she did not seem to notice me till we exited the station. It was approximately fifteen minutes walking distance from the station to my college. Hence, I kept walking. Good for me, she was walking in the same direction as mine.

Suddenly, it started raining. The road was comparatively quiet. I was carrying an umbrella so I opened it quickly and continued walking. She did not have an umbrella. She was left alone with her tiny sling bag that was mounted on her right shoulder. Instead of stopping by to take shelter somewhere, she continued walking and was getting wet in the rain.

So, out of instinct, I marched towards her until I was right beside her. I neared her, minding the 'safe distance' between us and held my umbrella in a manner that it partly covered the both of us. I realized her turning worried on my arrival which is probably why she hurried forward. I kept pace with her until, once again, I was beside her, sharing my umbrella with her.

If she had turned worried again, I'd have walked away. But this time, she looked down and kept walking along with me. I stole glances at her and noticed her cheek suffusing with a light shade of pink and a gentle smile covering her lips. That made me feel acknowledged and brought a smile to my lips too.

Throughout our walk, neither of us spoke with the other. We were quiet under the melodious sound of rain.

And then, came the turning point. I had to take left and she wanted to go straight. That was the first time we looked into each other's eyes and I spoke to her: 'I need to take the left.' She did not say anything but smiled at me and when I was turning, my eyes fell on her nape. She was wearing a Mangalsutra. She took her route and while I took mine, I realised, 'She was married!

I moved forward, feeling jittery in my heart, for I had just experienced a glimpse of love at first sight.

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