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#Shorts: I was confronted by his father and I didn't know how to react.

Updated: Jul 21, 2021


"These kids needed a push and an acknowledgment when they did better. So, during my class, I’d take time and ask them questions related to my subject—some were purposely easier. Whenever I’d see any new hands up, giving them a chance and appreciating them for an attempt to answer was a sure thing. It did not matter to me if they were right or wrong. Their participation was essential. Gradually, I raised the bar and made way for some tougher questions. The studious ones were still confident to answer, of course, I’d pick a few of them, but I’d also point out a student who was hesitating to answer and ask him, “Would you like to try this question? Who knows, you might be right?” Keeping in mind that they don’t feel uncomfortable, I did not insist. It was all trial and error. I was just hoping that maximum students benefit from my motive—get acknowledged, and develop confidence that they too can be equal members.

During the process, I realized some kids were having difficulties understanding a few subjects—especially math. It was a little awkward, but multiple times, I insisted the math teacher to pay special attention to specific kids. Thankfully, she was kind and understanding and readily agreed to take an effort.

The children prepared to their best, cleared their exams, learned their marks too. Only their papers and report cards were to be disclosed. That happened on the day of the parents-teachers meet. This was my first time attending parents, and it was going, well, okay-ish. I was exploring a variety of the lot—short-tempered, impatient, disrespectful, over expecting, well mannered and only a few grateful ones. It was an overwhelming experience and as the end was approaching ALMOST SIX HOURS LATER, I was looking forward to being free. That’s when a mother-father duo arrived with their child, Nimesh (name changed). We greeted each other, and while they made themselves comfortable in the opposite chairs, I fetched the student’s report card. Just as I presented it to them, the father looked straight into my eyes and asked, 'what have you done to my child?'“

Display Image Credit: Unsplash

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