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#shorts: How I Made My Students Realize Their Potential.

Updated: Jul 21, 2021


“Near the end of July 2019, I was appointed as a class teacher for grade VI in an ICSE school. I joined in the middle of the academic year because the previous teacher had resigned abruptly. I had no clue how the kids will take me as a newcomer, but I was hoping to have the best experience while I was here.

On my first day at work, I promised myself to be kind to the children, encourage equality and an open environment. But sooner I realized, some students were terrified by me, while some deliberately attempted mischief to create chaos. It was difficult to manage them, but I stayed patient throughout.

With time, I became familiar with every child in the class—there were 40 of them. Few students also grew comfortable but for a chosen few who’d still hesitate to have a voice, I’d call them alone in the short break and attempt having a friendly conversation with them so they don’t feel left out. I’d even call the hyperactive/mischievous kids one by one—to my luck, there weren’t many of them—and talk with them, understand their interests, and bring their focus to those things.

A month later, everything felt under control and the good part is many kids realized their potential and started acting on it voluntarily. Even when their exams approached, they were positive and eager to give their best. And for those who weren’t, they were at least talking about it. Now I had a challenge ahead of me – to instill confidence in such kids. I knew they were capable to do well, but how do I make them realize their potential?"

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