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Random: What do you do when you feel mentally low?

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

I asked nine individuals the above question and here is what they said.

Picture Credit: Unsplash

Almost every one of us feels low sometimes, and it's not a good thing to experience. At such a crisis, the easiest solution to distract ourselves might be social media, of course. But that will not help anyone in the long run. (We are all aware of it already, I guess). Check this out. Here is a survey I initiated in an attempt to understand people's ways of dealing with their feeling low. All that I can say is it's okay to feel mentally low considering all that life throws at us. And it is just a phase. It will pass. Time is an eternal healer, always.

PS: If your sadness persists for a longer time, please please talk to some mature individual. You might need some help dealing with your emotions.

The survey report including the age of the individual is as follows:

Male, 27

It depends on why I am feeling low. If I don’t understand the reason, I wait until the feeling goes away on its own. If not this then I indulge myself in something which keeps me mentally occupied. It’s not an easy process for me. It takes time. But eventually, I feel better.

Male, 25

I watch a comedy series or go out for cycling. There is no benefit in allowing the sadness to persist. Eventually, we have to pull ourselves from that zone. So why waste time pondering on it?

Female, 49

I stay quiet and go to sleep with the hope that tomorrow I’ll feel better. Today might be a bad day.

Male, 27

I discuss my situation with someone trustworthy. I crib about it until I get bored with the reason why I am feeling low. It's like triggering my problem to a level that it does not seem to me like a problem anymore.

Male, 30

I eat something scrumptious, yummy, mouth-watering, delicious, exquisite... God, I'm hungry now. Gotta go.

Male, 27

My first preference is to meet friends. If it is not possible, I watch a movie. I have a huge 'What to watch?' list handy.

Male, 13

I usually read books. I also explore new games on my phone.

Female, 23

I ask myself, ’why am I feeling low? Is that reason worthy enough to affect my mood?’ The answer to this sorts more than half the things by itself. But yes, there are times, when I don't know what is churning in my head and it feels worse to sink in the sadness. At such times, I get up, indulge myself in some physical activity which is mostly chores, and as much as possible I try to soak anything good happening at the current moment.

Female, 24

I listen to songs, quiet and serene. Peace is all I need. Period.

Written by Pooja Kakde

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