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R: I wrote a letter in the form of a poem (5/5).

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

I mean, I tried.

First-time readers, visit this link first:

Word of interjection:

8. blood

9. horse

Here is another extract from the raw/unedited poem I wrote.

PART 5/5

don't boil your blood for things you don't care deeply about

don't tell that sorry if you are not ready for it, now or ever

believe in your instincts

accept yourself the way you are

like a horse in the race, carry a speed for all good things to sink in you

-pooja kakde

I wrote these lines and the time was up. To conclude, our "I wrote a letter in the form of a poem" series ends here. It was an absolute fun and relaxing activity to do.

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Let me know what you think of this piece. Like/comment if you were excited to read the fifth part of the poem. Okay bye. See you next Sunday. And, happy reading.


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