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Case 1 - A threatening encounter.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Life of a Slice - PDA Files.

PC: Canva

I and my boyfriend were in a park. We were sitting close to each other, that is all about it. A bald, sixty-ish man comes up to us and tells us in an intimidating tone, 'Don't sit here anymore. Get up and get away.' And then, he walks away to take a stroll in the park.

We ignore him at first, taking him as some orthodox, pesky human. After like five minutes he comes to us again and still finding us sitting together, he yells out. He has the same rut going. We are not supposed to sit close, not at least in the park, that was his point.

When my boyfriend asks him the reason behind his disdain, that too in a polite manner, he screams at him saying, 'You don't ask me questions, idiot. Just follow what I say.'

I get furious and remind him that this is not how he can talk to him. He looks at me and spits, 'You don't try to be over smart. Take him with you and leave the park. Else I'll drag you two out.'

I couldn't take his nonsense. I raise my voice to ask him, 'Who gives you the right to take such a decision? Who are you? How dare you talk to us like this?'

On this, he roars at my boyfriend like a mad tiger. 'Control your girl, teach her how to speak with an elder person. Mannerless idiot she is.'

We break into an argument, obviously and then as he finds it harder to dominate us, he decides on the easiest alternative to win an argument - violence.

'Wait, you two. I know how to teach you a lesson,' saying so he takes out his phone and calls someone. He tells the person on the call to come as soon as possible and with whatever weapon he can catch hold of.

This scares me, I don't know how to react to that. I look around to see for support. I and my boyfriend wouldn't be enough if he has truly arranged people to beat us up.

People were gathered around to see the scene. Some of them stared at us from a distance while some signalled us to leave the park. They conveyed to us in a low voice, 'This man seems mad', 'Don't pay heed to him', 'You better go somewhere else.'

My boyfriend was like, 'Call whoever you want. We are not afraid of anyone.'

Honestly speaking, I was afraid. I was, in fact, shivering when he threatened us.

As a consequence, we left the place. I was sure, waiting back will make things even worse. That dumb man showed no signs of giving up. On the other hand, as one can easily guess, no one from the present crowd stood by us.

We criticised the man for his narrow-mindedness till we reached the exit. He had an answer for everything. He ill-treated us for the mere fact that we were sitting close together. What sense does this make, I don't understand.

This incident took place some three years ago. It is upsetting to admit that there still exist a community of narrow-minded people in the society who are eager to beat up a couple for the only fact that they are seen together.

I still hate that man for his misbehaviour. I secretly wish that he dies in this corona pandemic. At least one stupid person will be gone from the world.

Written by Pooja Kakde.

Note : The couple has kept their identity hidden, as a matter of their choice.

The second episode of the series releases on 18 August.

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